What folks say about us

“Scott was instrumental in helping me move from a large house in Westchester into a smaller and very different space in Manhattan. He helped me plan where everything should go, and supervised the placement of all my furniture.  Our move went incredibly smoothly, and within 24 hours our new place absolutely felt more like “home” than our old place ever had.”

– B.L.

“Scott helped me manage the daunting task of organizing and removing belongings from my beloved Uncle Nic’s home in New York City. My uncle was an avid collector who had spent decades filling his Manhattan apartment with a vast array of art, furniture, crystal, china, and more. Scott provided keen insight and emotional support during fraught decisions about what to keep and what to let go. He implemented an effective system for sorting and separating those items to be saved and those to be sold.  After helping me pack and transfer the items to be retained, Scott played an invaluable role in preparing the remaining items for sale. With his extensive knowledge of antiques and design experience, Scott transformed the apartment into a perfectly organized display in preparation for bidding visits by a series of auction houses. He showcased the most valuable items and created an extremely inviting environment, which had very positive effects on the bidding process and outcomes.”